Lighting up your space with ENERGY EFFICIENT LIGHTS

We are a small but dynamic team in the retail sector providing top quality energy saving lights since 2012. 

At P & J Electrical & Hardware Store we supply LED bulbs, tube lights and other LED lighting fittings to both domestic and commercial clients.


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A selection of lights at competitive prices all year round

Whether it’s for your home, restaurant, office or other industrial premises, at P & J Electrical & Hardware Store we have the right modern lighting product for your needs. We also distribute our latest products to ironmongers that seek to provide their clients the best energy efficient lights and fittings.

Our store is situated in Naxxar, where we are always happy to welcome clients and help them find the right lighting products at affordable prices. 

You can find a wide variety of light bulbs and village festa bulbs, rope lights, floodlights, night lamps, picture lights, fridge lamps and much more. Our products come in a varied choice of materials and colours for the perfect finish!

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What better way to be environmental friendly and reduce your electricity bill? We distribute a large quantity of energy saving LED bulbs in different shapes, sizes, wattages and colours.


Ceiling lights

The modern LED technology has brought about practical ceiling lights and recessed lights. We supply round and squared LED panel lights in various sizes to suit every room.

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tube lights

Tube lights

Discover the range of LED tube lights in different lengths and diameters we stock. Whether it’s for your home or industrial area, tube lights can brighten any space!

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Benefit from a 2 year guarantee on all lights & fittings

We are the leading agents and distributors of well renowned international brands

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