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Arbitrary Shape

These types of bulbs have the standard A-shape and have a universal use. 

You can find these classic type light bulbs in various rooms around the house and are also common in offices. 

Arbitrary bulbs are incandescent bulbs letting electricity pass through a filament to emit light and have an Edison screw base. 

Some of the A-type bulbs come with the filament showing, which creates a retro lighting ambiance.

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cone Shape

The cone shaped bulbs are associated with decorative lighting as they can be lit in different colours. 

Such bulb types are commonly used to light up marquees and signs but can also be used in other applications, such as small appliances and indicator lamps.

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globe Shape

These types of bulbs come in a round shaped design making them look like a globe. G-shaped bulbs are typically applied to decorative lighting fixtures, such as chandeliers.

It’s also easy to spot these bulb types in restaurants and bars as they are very practical for everyday use!

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Capsule bulbs… the miniature G-shape bulbs

These tiny capsule lamps are an excellent replacement for halogen bulbs thanks to the use of less than 90% of electricity when emitting general lighting. 

Capsule lamps are very useful in integrated fittings and appliances such as cooker hoods.

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Light bulb bases

When purchasing a bulb it is also important to think on the right bulb base for an easy and safe application. At P & J Electrical & Hardware Store we bring various light bulb bases, such as the Edison screw base (E) and the bi-pin base (GU).

The GU10 is the base of an LED lamp consisting of 2 pins with a small round circled base for an easy twist and lock installation. 

GU10 bulb base is very practical to use with spotlights, incandescent bulbs and dimmable lights. GU10 LED bulbs can also be very useful for indoor recessed lighting and track lighting installations.

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The P45 LED bulbs are used for decorative lighting such as bathroom vanities, pendant lights and ceiling fans. 

Such bulbs can also be used for bedside lighting.The advantage of P45 LEDs is that they emit light in all directions being round shaped bulbs. 

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These bulbs come in the shape of a straight tube with an Edison screw base.

Their vintage style shape is aesthetically good looking, giving your bedroom or living room that retro classic look. 

Straight-tubular bulbs can in fact be installed either in a lighting fixture or on their own and still create a unique atmosphere.

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Make your chandelier stand out in the living room! Applying flame shaped bulbs to your lighting fixture is what really makes it the real focal point. 

The particular shape of these interior energy efficient LED decorative lighting bulbs creates a soft style.

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The R-type bulbs come with a coating made of a reflecting material which directs the light while eliminating any glare. 

These type of bulbs have a bulged reflector and are typically used in flood lights, recessed lighting and track lighting. 

Since the light emitted from reflectors fades gradually, these type of bulbs are excellent to create an instant lighting for example in lifts, on stage and in sports stadiums.

Available models

Daylight 5W R50 LED-SMD with E14 base

Warm White 5W R50 LED-SMD with E14 base

Daylight 7W R73 LED-SMD with E27base

Warm White 7W R73 LED-SMD with E27 base

Daylight 10W R80 LED-SMD with E27 base

Warm White 10W R80 LED-SMD with E27 base



Providing light with a smart and clean energy technology powered by the sun, solar LED lighting can be very beneficial for your pocket and the environment. With the sun shining almost throughout the year in Malta & Gozo, these lighting fixtures can really be the best solution!

No more power points...let the SUN do the job!

• Long life and durable aluminium alloy case

• Auto turn on light & auto turn off for solar charging 

• IP65 rating 

• CE RoHs

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We provide our customers a wide range of compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs that guarantee lower electricity bills. With their eccentric design, these spiral bulbs are truly an attraction themselves for your home or other premises. 

At P&J Electrical & Hardware we offer a selection of bulbs with the adequate lumens, wattages, colours, sizes and bases to fit in the lighting fixture you want.

• 7W Full Spiral - warm white - B22 base
• 9W Full Spiral - daylight / warm white - E14 / E27 / B22 base
• 11W Full Spiral - daylight / warm white - E14 / E27 / B22 base
• 15W Full Spiral - daylight / warm white - E14 / E27 / B22 base
• 20W Full Spiral - daylight / warm white - E27 / B22 base
• 23W Full Spiral - daylight / warm white - E27 / B22 base
• 32W Full Spiral - daylight / warm white - E27 base
• 45W Full Spiral - daylight colour - E27 base

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spiral energy saving bulb

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Floodlights are built with the best LED technology components for a high intensity artificial light at a low energy consumption. 

We are agents and distributors of flood lights for installation in large outdoor premises such as football pitches and stadiums, children’s playgrounds, public gardens and more.

See our available models and their specifications:

• 10W SMD floodlight in Cool White / Daylight / Warm White
• 20W SMD floodlight in Cool White / Daylight / Warm White
• 30W SMD floodlight in Cool White / Daylight / Warm White
• 50W SMD floodlight in Cool White / Daylight / Warm White

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